Sunday, October 15, 2023

Greetings to all my crafty friends,

I am delighted to share with you another one of my handmade Mother's Day cards, crafted with passion and care. Last night, I worked on this creation using the exquisite papers from Craft O’Clock’s enchanting “Spring Charm” paper collection. The delicate and feminine designs of these papers added a touch of elegance to my project.

In this card, I meticulously layered and distressed the papers, creating a textured backdrop that added depth and visual appeal. I took the time to carefully fussy cut a couple of beautiful flower bouquets from the collection. By using pop dots, I elevated these bouquets, giving them a delightful 3D effect. One bouquet graces the top left corner, while the other adorns the bottom right corner of the card.

To add a playful and charming element, I incorporated adorable pink dragonfly brads. I skillfully removed the arms of the brads and delicately glued them to each bouquet, enhancing the overall visual allure of the card.

For the heartfelt message, I opted for a specially chosen Mother’s Day sentiment, thoughtfully printed using my computer. Here is my end result of my work,

 Thank you for taking the time to visit and appreciate my work. Your comments and feedback are deeply cherished. Feel free to share your thoughts; your support means the world to me.

Warm regards,


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A Few New Cards


Introducing my latest creation, a charming 4¾"x6¾" birthday card, brought to life using the delightful patterns from Craft O'Clock's enchanting "Spring Charm" paper collection. From the moment I laid eyes on these papers, their intricate designs practically begged to be fussy cut – and I happily obliged, succumbing to their irresistible call!

For this card, I immersed myself in the art of layering and distressing, allowing the textures and colors to blend seamlessly, creating a visually captivating backdrop. Nestled in the top right corner are two meticulously fussy-cut flower bouquets, each petal and leaf telling a story of craftsmanship and dedication. A third bouquet graces the bottom left corner, completing the symphony of florals that dance across the card.

To convey heartfelt birthday wishes, I carefully chose a sentiment and brought it to life through the magic of my computer's printer, ensuring it complemented the card's aesthetic perfectly.

The end result? A labor of love, a celebration of creativity, and a token of affection waiting to brighten someone's special day. I'm thrilled to share this finished project with you all. May it inspire your own creative journeys!

Next, I'm excited to share these two charming cards measuring 4¼"x5½", both inspired by Stamperia's captivating "Sea Land" paper collection. One of the things I adore about these papers is their versatility – they're perfect for crafting more masculine-themed cards, adding a touch of sophistication and charm.

With these cards, I embraced the art of distressing, adding character and depth to the papers. One of my favourite techniques, fussy cutting, came into play as I meticulously cut out hot air balloons and sea shells from duplicate paper, giving them a lifelike, 3D appearance by popping them up with trusty pop dots.

On the Birthday card, a delightful tag adorned with twine adds a touch of rustic elegance, complementing the overall nautical theme. To convey warm wishes, I turned to my computer, printing out a sentiment that resonated perfectly with the card's essence.

The beauty of the sea shell card lies in its versatility; it can serve as an all-occasion card, making it a wonderful addition to any card stash. I'm thrilled to share these creations with you, each one a testament to the joy of crafting and the endless possibilities that come with beautiful paper collections.


I hope these cards inspire your own creative endeavours and I'd love to hear your comments! Until next time, happy crafting!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Masculine Birthday Cards

 I decided that since I've been making all these pretty cards which are more for women that I should make some more masculine cards, for the men in our lives. I used papers from Stamperia's "Sea Land" paper collection. I've had these papers for a few years now and have almost used them all up. I love these papers so much I went on Amazon last night to see if I might be able to find another of these paper pads. I was so happy to find them! I was able to get them for $22.89 Canadian and with my Prime Membership I got free delivery. I love Amazon! LOL

For this first card I distressed and layered the papers. For the centre section I cut out part of one of the papers that had this sailboat on it and then found another piece of the same paper and just cut out the sailboat and added some pop dots to it and put it on top of the other sailboat for a 3D look. I added eyelets to the 4 corners and added some twine through the eyelets. I then cut out some of the rope from the papers and added pop dots it and put that on the top of the card and then printed the sentiment out on my computer. Here's the finished card.

For this second card I distressed and layered all the papers. I cut out these seagulls from one of the papers for the top layer. I added some twine to the left side of this top layer and added a couple of actual real starfish to the top right corner of the card. I printed the sentiment out on my computer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my cards you can  message me here or on my website Scrappers Heaven  I hope you like the cards and I'd love to hear your comments! TFL!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Mothers Day Cards

 A few more Mothers Day cards using the 8"x8" pad from Craft O'Clocks "Spring Charm" paper collection. This first card is 4¾"x6¾". I've layered and distressed the background papers. I've fussy cut a couple of flower bouquets from the paper and added one to the top left corner of the card and the other one to the bottom right corner and popped them up with pop dots. I printed the sentiment out on my computer.

 These next two cards are 4¼"x5½". I layered and distressed the background papers and fussy cut some flower bouquets from the papers and added them to the front of the cards popped up with pop dots. I also printed the sentiments out on  my computer.

 If you are interested in purchasing any of my cards you can message me here or on my website here: Scrapper Heaven  I'd love to hear your comments on these cards! TFL!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Craft O'Clock Paper Collection

I bought these pretty 8"x8" papers from Craft O'Clock's paper collection "Spring Charm" and they're perfect for making cards. I have been busy doing lots of fussy cutting of these papers from their "Extras Set". I love it when these paper companies add these sets from the paper collection specially for fussy cutting. I've made a few cards with this collection.

 These first two cards are 4¾" x 6¾". I've used the Craft O'Clock's paper collection."Spring Charm". For the first one I took a duplicate piece of paper and fussy cut some of the flowers for the top and lower bottom right corner and popped them up with pop dots for that 3D look. I then used the "Fairy Chain" stamp from Lavinia. I printed the sentiment out on my computer.

For this second card I layered the papers as in the other one above and then stamped them with Lavinia's "Meadow Mushroom" and "Fairies" stamps. I added another fussy cut flower bouquet to the bottom left corner of the card and printed out the sentiment on my computer.

This third card is 4¼" x 5½". I layered the papers as I did above but then added a fussy cut flower bouquet to the top left corner and bottom right corner and popped them up with pop dots for the 3d look. I also printed the sentiment out on my computer. 

You can see these cards and others on my website here: Scrappers Heaven  I hope you like these cards and, as always, I'd love to hear your comments, TFL!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Christmas Layouts

 I have so much pretty Christmas paper this year but no one seems to have taken any Christmas photos this year for some reason. I'm still waiting for our one daughter to send us some Christmas photos of our youngest grandchildren, 8 and 5. So hopefully I'll have some more to post soon.

This first layout is a photo taken at our friends place on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve they have a get together with all our friends, so that we can all have a great visit before all of the crazy family Christmas stuff starts to happen, lol. I used Craft O'clock's "Christmas Time" paper collection. This piece was just so pretty I didn't really want to cover this up with too much other things. What I did was take another piece of the same background paper and fussy cut out the floral groupings and added some pop dots to them and popped them up over the same section's of the background paper.I added some pretty lace and a wooden and gold puffy letters for the title. The only other thing I added was a fussy cut basket with candy cane. I think it came out quite pretty with minimal pieces added to it.

This next layout is a photo of my grandson and his boyfriend in their Christmas pyjamas. The paper I used is from Scrap Boys "Hello Winter" collection. These papers, like the ones I used in the previous layout, are so pretty so I didn't want to cover them up with other scrapping items. I took another piece of the same paper and fussy cut out the floral group from the top of the paper and popped them up with pop dots on top of the other background paper. I fussy cut one of the deer out and some of the flowers and popped them up with pop dots. I added the wooden "Memories" title and called it done.


So with minimal scrapping goodies on these two layouts because the papers are so pretty you didn't need a lot of stuff on them to make them look great! Thanks for looking and I'd love to hear your comments on these layouts!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Back to Blogging

 Well I haven't been keeping my blog up to date at all, like 2 years! I know, slap my wrist! I really have no idea why I wasn't blogging, I think I've just been lazy. I guess I wasn't really getting any visitors commenting on my posts so I thought why am I bothering? I can't expect people to visit unless I start promoting myself, soooo let's see what I can do to change this!

So I've been busy making "Never Ending" cards lately. I kind of got addicted to making them. I'm pretty sure all of my Facebook friends were getting tired of seeing all of my posts and videos to how them off, lol. I found a video on You Tube by a talented lady, Linda Bedinger. You'll find it here: Never Ending Cards Here are a few of these cards and videos to show how they open.


You can see the rest of my "Never Ending" cards on my website here: Scrappers Heaven or in my Etsy Shop here: Etsy Shop ScrappingPassion

If you're a crafter be sure to check out Linda Bedingers You Tube page and try out these cards yourself. I'd love to hear any comments you have on these cards. TFL!

Saturday, February 13, 2021


Back in 1995 we were living back on the mainland of BC in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver. In May when the cruise ships are doing a change over from doing cruises in the Caribbean to doing the Alaska cruises they usually do these short 2 or 3 day cruises going from Vancouver to Seattle and back. I took my son and I on one of these cruises along with my sister and another friend. This is a layout of a photo of my son and I taken on this cruise. 

I used the paper line "Broccato Estense" from the Ciao Bella paper company. I distressed all of the papers on this layout and used some vintage photo distress ink on all of the papers. I did fussy cutting of some of the flowers in the papers, along with cutting out some of the tags and envelope from the papers. I layered these and other papers underneath my matted photo. I added some pretty blue and white roses, die cut leaves and some pretty blue berry stems and a Prima bird nest and small metal dove. 

I was quite pleased the way the layout turned out and I would love to hear your comments on the layout.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

COVID-19 - let humor get you through this Pandemic!

So you're stuck at home during this pandemic that's going on, you've binge watched every show on Netflix, searched everything possible on Pinterest. Now what do you do? Well if you're like me I head to my craft room. I've really got into making things with my new CricutMaker machine. I've come across so many funny sayings while surfing through Pinterest and decided why not give people something to laugh about and put some of these funny sayings on T-shirts, coffee mugs etc. Here are a couple of T-shirts to do with Covid-19 that I've made. The "Covid-19" T-shirt is a Mens/Unisex large short sleeve T-shirt and the "Social Distancing" shirt is a men's large tank top. I sell the T-shirts and tank tops for $25 each and you can order in a different size and/or color.

The Social Distancing T-shirt went over really well with some of the guys my husband works with, I think I sold about 10 or 12 of these ones to them, lol. The saying is on the back of the T-shirts so while you re standing in line ups at the store etc it gives a good laugh to the people behind you. And if they are not social distancing themselves they'll get the message, lol. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can find them in my Etsy shop here: Scrapping Passion .

Or on my Facebook page here: Scrappers Heaven

If you have any ideas you would like on a T-shirt just leave me a comment or email me at: sdinnell @ (please leave the space before and after the @ sign out when emailing (this is to stop robots from sending spam). I look forward to your comments!


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Cork Board Coasters

At Christmas I had bought a friend of  mine some cute drink coasters with funny sayings on them. After making T-shirts etc with my new Cricut Maker I remembered the coasters and thought I could make some coasters like that. All I had to do was find out where I could buy cork board for these. I ended up finding thin 2' x 3' sheets of cork board at the local Home Hardware store in town which was used as underlay for flooring at a cost of only $4.99. I was able to cut these into 4" x 4" squares and used HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl to make the sayings.

The four sayings I came up with for the coasters are:
"Dinner is Poured"
"Squats? I thought you said let's do shots!"
"I can't fix the Weather but I can fix a Drink"
"The first thing on my Bucket List is to fill the bucket with Wine!"
I'm sure I'll come up with more cute quotes to put on these coasters. I'm going to be selling these in my Etsy Shop "ScrappingPassion" here:

I'd love to hear your comments!
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