Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mini Album

I finally finished my mini album! I say finally because I started this back at the end of November, lol. I was kind of working on this in between other projects that I was doing. The main thing that held up the finished project was because I was waiting for some small magnets I'd ordered off eBay from some company in China. So that saying "Coming on a slow boat from China" is so true. I ordered these magnets back in December and I just got them last week, yeah a real slow boat, lol. So of course I couldn't really put all the pages together because I needed to have the magnets on first so they would be covered by the paper. I worked on putting the album all together last weekend and I was quite pleased at how it turned out since this was my first time making a mini album from scratch. Rather than posting all photos of the album (and there would be a lot) I did a short video showing all of the pages. I've never done a video before so I'll apologize now for how bad it might be, lol. I'd love to hear your comments on my album! Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Wedding Cake/Card Box

My son's wedding is coming up on June 24th and my future daughter-in-law, Angela, asked me if I would be able to make a card box for them. This is used for quests so they can drop their cards off into the box rather than just putting them on a table with the wedding gifts and maybe getting lost. I hadn't heard of them before but Angela sent me a couple of samples that she found on Pinterest so I was quite excited about the project.

Since the town I live in (Campbell River, BC) isn't huge we don't have a Michael's so I had to take a drive down island (Vancouver Island) to the Michael's to pick up what I needed for the project. I managed to find a set of round craft boxes to use, and bought some silk roses, some small white flowers, and some navy blue tulle. I bought some white satin at our local fabric store and some pretty iridescent sparkly white card stock from the small scrapbook store we have in town.

I took the smallest box, turned it upside down and laid it centered onto of the bottom of the second box and traced the smaller box around the other box. I did the same thing with the second box but traced it on to the lid of the largest box. The reason I did the tracing on the lid of the largest box was because I was going to use the lid of that box so that you could lift it off so you could get the cards that were dropped into the box. I took my box cutter and cut the lid about an inch inside of the tracing. I did the same thing on the bottom of the second box. For the top box I cut about an 8" x 3/4" slit in the bottom of the smallest box for any cards to be dropped into the cake. 

I covered the 3 boxes with the white satin and on the edge of the lid of the largest box (I didn't use the lids of the two smaller boxes). I then took the sparkly card stock and covered the top of the boxes. Once the glue had dried on the paper I took my box cutter and cut out the centers of the cut outs of the middle box and the lid of the largest box. I then glued the smallest box to the second box and then those two boxes to the lid of the largest box. 

On each box I took the navy blue tulle and wrapped it around the box pinching it in the center and adding a small red rose from my stash onto each box where the tulle  was pinched.
Once this was all done and dried I could start adding my roses and flowers down the one side of the cake/box. I started with the red roses and layed them down the side, then I added some of the navy blue tulle and layed that down amongst the roses. When I got down to the bottom box I had to make sure that the roses and tulle runing from the top of the cake to the bottom of the cake stopped on the lid of the third box and the next group of flowers and tulle were not attached to the lid but attached to the bottom box. This way the couple could lift the top of the cake off at the lid and take the cards out of the bottom box. I then added the other flowers to the bottom box. Here are a couple of pics of the whole card box. I'd love to hear your comments. Have a great weekend every one!