Saturday, April 26, 2014

Swirlydoos March 2014 Layout Round Robin

As usual the past month as flown by and all of a sudden I find it's April, almost a month since my last post. Amazing how once you become an adult the weeks and months just fly by....I'm not really sure I like this getting old thing! 

Swirlydoos, my fav online Kit Club has a round robin each month and now this is challenge is open to everyone, no need to be a "Kit Subscriber".  Anyway here is my layout for this challenge:
My layout is for team 4, week 2. I really enjoyed doing this layout of my son and my grandson, I've always told my son how much his son reminded me of him when he was young. Well he still reminds me of my son, and my son is 34 now and my Grandson is 11. If you would like to see the other layouts for this round robin you can check them out here:  Swirlydoos March 2014 Round Robin