Monday, January 31, 2011

The Titanic

Got to do another layout in my nice newly organized scrap room. This is the Titanic exhibit we saw in Las Vegas. We were not allowed to take photo's in the exhibit so I printed these off from the web. The photo of the big huge piece is part of Titanic's hull. This thing was huge, I can't remember the exact weight that this piece was but it was something like 20 tons. They give you a boarding pass each as you go in with a real passengers name on it and a little story of how they came to be on the Titanic. It was so weird going through and seeing all the photos of the people and their stories and pieces of their jewelry, clothing, luggage, and different pieces of the ship, like things from the ballroom, dinner sets - it almost sent shivers up your back. At the end of the exhibit they have plaques with all the peoples names on it, split into Passengers, Staff and Crew, one plaque was survivors and the other was people who died and you can see if the person from your boarding pass survived or not. My DH & I were very happy to find that our two people had survived. TFL

Friday, January 28, 2011

Re-arranging my scrap space....

I was very pleased with myself today. I was poking around one of our local thrift stores yesterday and found a great corner desk for my scrapbook room for only $26. It doesn't have any drawers or shelves but that's okay because it's high enough to put some of my stack-able drawers under it. So of course now I had to re-arrange things in my scrap room. So while doing that I have to clean at the same time (I tell you dust can show up in the weirdest places, lol). It's amazing how much crap you collect in a short time. You know, little notes to yourself, little scraps of paper you'll probably never use - some things that you don't even know what the heck they are or even how they got into the room. 

Now I can actually see my scrap table and I'm able to have my sewing machine up on the table all ready to use, instead of having to drag it up off the floor and set it all up. I even have room for if I want to have a friend over to scrap with. I still have lots of things to go through on one side of my room that has my bookshelf and drawers right now. Once I get it all cleaned up and things thrown away that I don't need anymore I'd like to get the room all painted a nice bright blue color and paint my bookshelf white. I did see this great 9 cube shelving unit at Walmart the other day that was only $49 that I'd like to get for more storage. I think I need another ribbon holder as I seem to have collected a lot of ribbon. The ribbon holder I have now my brother-in-law made me after I was telling him about one I'd seen on the internet and it works great. Also I think some peg board painted white would be good for hanging my scissors and tools on. Anyway, here are a couple of photo's I took of my room. TFL and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far. I wasn't doing to bad until this dumb sinus cold showed up. I swear if I blow my nose anymore it's going to fall off of my face, lol. My poor right eye was watering so bad yesterday and during the night that I woke up this morning with one puffy eye - that just made me  look ever so attractive this morning. Oh well, life goes on, it's a cold you just have to deal with it, lol.

This morning I had fun going on a Bo Bunny blog hop. The designers had some awesome work that they shared with everyone. Bo Bunny has some great paper lines and the ladies showed it off with all of their great layouts and albums. I love going on blog hops, you meet some great people and they all give you such great inspiration. You can probably still get in on the hop and there are some great prizes so just "hop" on over to the Bo Bunny Blog

I got a couple more layouts done in between blog hopping. This first one was done using the great December Limited Edition kit from MCS. This is a photo of my DH and his daughter when she was up visiting before Christmas for her birthday. I just love this LE kit, so many beautiful papers and Prima flowers and vines - and who doesn't love Prima!

This next  one is for the January Sketch Challenge at MCS. These were some photo's we took at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum  in Las Vegas. Some of these figures were so real looking it was kind of creepy, lol. The papers are from the November LE kit from MCS. I took a white paper doily and inked it with some Rangers ink and threaded some mint green ribbon through it and then cut another 5½" circle from one of the other papers and put that into the center of the doily. The title is actually a business card from the museum. The little green pearls are some from my stash that I got from the Dollar Store. I'd love to hear your comments on my layouts if you pass through. Thanks for looking!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Been busy painting

Well I've been busy the last few days painting the front foyer in our house. We bought this house 5 years ago and all of the colors were pretty neutral. We painted our ensuite just before Christmas in a beautiful deep wine color. It just looked so nice I wanted to spend all my time in there. I decided the rest of the house looked so boring that I needed to do some more painting. I picked out this nice dark sort of navy blue color and wow, what a difference it made. It just looks so warm and inviting now and really sets off the oak stair case. I've posted a couple of pictures below.

I think I'm going to work on my craft room next. Maybe I can actually get it organized enough that I can find everything, lol.

Before I started doing the painting I did finally manage to finish off a layout that I started before we went to Las Vegas. I used some more goodies from the Dec LE Kit from MCS - and I still have lots left. This is a photo of these little snowmen that I've had for about 22 years. My son's school was selling them as a fundraiser and I thought their little faces were so cute I just had to buy them. Every year when I pull them out of the Christmas decorations to display they make me smile. I think because it reminds me of when my son was little - I still can't believe he's going to be 31 in March. When did I get so old, lol. Anyway here's the layout I did. TFL!


Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm so excited!!

I had to come back in here and post this fabulous news! Bo Bunny has put out their new collection which you just have to see - It is so beautiful! Check it out on their blog here:
The most exciting thing about this line is it was named after my friend from MCS, Gabrielle Pollacco! I'm sure that most of you know Gabrielle and her beautiful scrapbooking style and once you see this line you will see everything Gabrielle in it. I just can't tell you how excited I am for her and this totally awesome honor of having this paper line named after her. You can find more info on how this came about on Gabi's blog that you can find here:

Gabi I am so, so happy for you!!

Home again.....

We got back from our Las Vegas trip the other day. We had a great time - didn't come home with money but then who goes to Vegas thinking they'll come home rich, lol. We saw some good shows. We went to the "Titanic" exhibit at the Luxor hotel which was great. To see all of this real stuff and read personal stories as to why the different passengers came to be on board the Titanic was so cool - I would definitely tell people if you are in Las Vegas you should see this one for sure!

We also went to the "Madame Tussauds Wax Museum". Wow, these figures just look so real, it's amazing. Of course I took lots of photo's in there to scrapbook. *S* I haven't got a chance to download my photos yet but once I do I'll be very busy scrapping them all. Well I'm off to go catch up on posts at MCS, thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I actually got another layout done today, maybe I'm on a role. Oh better not say anything more in case I lose my mojo, lol. Since we didn't have any kids with us this Christmas (so sad) and a turkey is a little big for two of us we decided that since we had this fresh crab our friends caught a day before and a couple of frozen lobster tails in the freezer, we would cook up that instead. Well my DH cooked them all up in the wok with some awesome sauce he made and they were sooooo good! Not a traditional Christmas dinner but a very yummy one! We had taken a picture of it all cooking up so I figured I should scrap it so here's what I came up with. I used some more of the papers and goodies from the December LE kit from MCS and still have lots left. Thanks for looking and I'd love to hear any comments you'd like to leave.

The week's almost over!

Only three  more days and we're off to Las Vegas - woohoo! We were thinking that it was going to be good to get away from the cold here for a few days but apparently it's not that  much warmer in Vegas and the other day they had 2 inches of snow - we definitely don't want snow while we're there. It's been very cold down south, even in Yuma, Arizona where my in-laws go every winter (Canadian Snowbirds) the pipes on the outside of their 5th wheel were frozen - now that it's just to weird! I just checked the weather for Vegas today and apparently it's back up to 52 F, and it's sunny so that's a bit better.

I got another layout done with some of the papers from the MCS Dec LE kit. We had a challenge at MCS to do stamping on a layout. On mine below I used some drywall tape and stamped it with green distress ink and then stamped that on my background paper. Used one of my corner stamps in two of the corners and a buttefly stamp for one corner and used some brown distress ink to stamp two of my dandelion puff ball stamps. You can't really see that well in this photo but I used one of my flourish stamps and some off white ink to stamp flourishes on the brown paper. 

My daughter took these photos of my two grandchildren when she was babysitting them for my son. I thought they were so funny when she sent them to me because they looked sooo serious in the one photo and then so crazy in the other, lol. Well thanks for looking and have a great rest of your work week!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new layouts...

Here we are the 3rd of January 2011. Another year has flown by again.Hopefully this will be a wonderful year filled with lots of creativity. I did manage to get a couple of layouts done this past couple of days. This first one is a photo of my two sisters and I (in the middle) taken about 1955 - gee I'm old! I used the November LE kit from MCS. There was a whole lot of fussy cutting for this one but I found I still wanted to add some other flowers to it and then I remembered I had a stem of silk flowers that I had bought at Micheals that looked almost the same as these on the paper. Of course I had to cut the plastic stems off and stick them back together with glue dots but I think they matched pretty good, lol.

The next layout is a photo of my two grandchildren. I used the December LE kit for this one. I used a cutter file I made for the holly leaves and cut them on my Cricut machine and also cut the title using my Cricut machine. The little gold petals/leaves are from my stash of stuff when I use to make dried floral arrangements. I used stickles for the berries as well as outlining parts of the title and also outlined the angel with stickles. TFL