Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful day in paradise!

Well we're having another gorgeous sunny summer day here in Campbell River today - now if it would just stay around for a few days that would be even better. I tell you this spring and now the beginning of summer have just been crazy. Here it is July 1st at the end of this week and we are still having a few days where we need to wear a jacket.According to the "experts" El Nina that we are having is suppose to be over by the end of June and all across Canada is suppose to get and unusually hot summer - okay, it can start anytime now! Just to show you how weird it's been our local ski mountain, Mount Washington (here on Vancouver Island), had the biggest snow pack in the world (for ski hills) of over 700 cms. So instead of opening up for their usual summer sports of mountain biking etc. they are opening up for more skiing on July 1st! Isn't that crazy? Oh well, lol.

This past week I wasn't having a very good week. I had to take my vehicle in to get fixed last Wednesday - which was suppose to be ready on Thursday but now it won't be ready until Tuesday as they had to fix a number of other things - "Oh joy, more money to spend"! On Wednesday afternoon my MS decided to start acting up again and I was having major problems with vertigo again. I couldn't even lift my head off of my pillow for two days without feeling like I was going to throw up or fall over - not a fun feeling. So I guess it was a good time to take my vehicle in to get fixed as I couldn't drive anyway, lol. It's settled down a lot now, I just have to not look up to much or  move to fast and it seems to be more in the morning when I first get up.

Before the vertigo happened I did get started on a new layout of my son and his new girlfriend. This layout was made from following Delaina's (My Creative Scrapbook) video tutorial which you can find here: I was quite happy at how it turned out. My scrapping style has really changed since joining the "My Creative Scrapbook" group, the ladies have really got me to thinking more "outside" the box when I scrap and when I look back at my layouts I did when I first started scrapping I just think how "un-exciting" (if that's a word) they are compared to now. So let me know what you think of this layout - I love to hear any comments  - good or bad!

I also managed to get a quick all occasion card done using up some more of my Feb LE kit which is below.  I used a duplicate paper to cut out the fairy and chick to pop up with foam for a 3D look and also used some stickles glitter on the fairy and butterfly wings. TFL and have a great week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Websters Pages

Check out all the fun here at "InspireMe" this week celebrating Websters new paper  lines!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apologies to all!

As a Canadian and a former Vancouver person I can not believe how embarrassed I am over the riot in Vancouver last night after the Stanley Cup hockey game. Watching what unfolded on the TV last night after the game just seems so surreal. I felt like I did watching the news of the Twin Towers being hit - I could not believe it. Everyone we know and people we don't  know are so shocked over this and are so totally pissed  off (pardon my language here) at the people who went into Downtown Vancouver last night to purposely start these riots. 

These were not "Hockey Fans" nor were they regular Vancouver citizens! We are all disgusted at these people and we all want them caught and brought to justice over this. To these few people who started this - You have put a black mark on Vancouver that the world will not easily forget and if you think any of us are proud of you for this, think again! With all of the street camera's, news camera's and regular everyday people with their cell phone camera's getting shots of all of you idiots, you'll be caught. People have already put up Facebook pages, websites so we can post your photos for the police and anyone who recognizes anyone in these photos are coming forward to the police and giving them your names.

It would not have mattered if the Canucks had won the Stanley Cup, these riots would have started anyway. Police found people who had come into Downtown Vancouver with Molotov cocktails in there back packs. Normal people do not carry something like this to a huge gathering of people unless they planned on starting something. Watching you idiots on the TV smiling and laughing and acting so proud of yourselves for what was happening made me sick and embarrassed. So lets see how much you laugh and smile when the police come knocking at your door. Yea you are real heroes - NOT!

To the rest of Canada and the world we apologize to everyone for what they witnessed last night and want them to know that is not what the real Vancouver and it's citizens are about!   

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Brooke layout...

Well you must be getting bored with all these photos of my friends little granddaughter, Brooke, but every photo they take of  her is just so adorable I can't help but scrap it. lol. On this layout I used some of my leftovers from the October LE kit from MCS, I just love all these butterflies. These papers are from DCWV and are just so pretty. When I laid my photo down on the papers I didn't want to cover up the big butterfly on the paper on the bottom right corner of the photo so I cut out around the butterflies wing so I could slip the photo underneath it. Then I decided to do the same with the smaller butterfly on the background paper on the left side of the photo.  I also cut out some of the small butterflies from the paper strip I used with all the butterflies on it and then just taped them down the middle so I could fold up their wings for a 3D look and staggered them up the paper on the right side of the photo.  The 3D butterfly sticker is also from DCWV and of course the flowers are from Prima and are from the May LE Kit from MCS.

I am quite pleased at how the layout turned out but what is funny is the photo I used on this layout is totally different from the one I started with - funny how that happens sometimes. Well now I'm off to do a layout with the photo I originally started with, lol. Thanks for stopping by and having a peak at my layouts  and cards!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Challenge winner!

Well what a nice surprise tonight. I was over at My Creative Scrapbook's message board this evening checking all the new posts and found out that my layout below of my sons friends little girl bouncing on the trampoline won the "May Sketch" challenge. There were so many gorgeous entries into this challenge that it means so much to me to have had the honor of my layout winning this challenge. So excited, I can't wait to receive my prize pack from Pam! So here is a copy of the layout that I made for this challenge. TFL!

Friday, June 10, 2011

What a difference a week makes.

So the Canucks were up 2 games to nothing and they go to Boston and lost the next two games - not just lost but lost badly. So disappointing, I felt so bad for our goalie, Luongo, losing that first one in Boston 8 zip - where was the defense? Oh check me out, like I really understand the game, lol. But here they are back in Vancouver and played game five and Luongo gets a shutout - I guess being in their hometown, with the hometown crowd cheering them on really works a lot of magic. Let's hope when they go back to Boston for game six they can take some of that magic with them! Okay so enough about that, let's get back to scrapping, lol.

I did manage in between gardening to get some cards made. The first two I made with the goodies from the May LE Kit from MCS and the last one I used the February LE Kit from MCS. It was my sisters birthday this week so the birthday card was for her. I love making cards and layouts that people love getting. My sister sent  me an email to let me know she had received the card and thought it was so beautiful, that just made my day! The other two cards I may put on my website or eBay to sell, I haven't decided which yet. I've posted the cards below and I would love to here your comments on what you think of them.

On this third card I took some duplicate paper and cut the fairy and the frog out and popped them up with foam for a 3D look. Then I took one of the tags from this same paper line and did some fussy cutting on some of the flowers and added them to left bottom corner popped up with foam.

 So my friend Paulien Van den Bosch has her June tag up  on her blog now so I figured I would actually do the tag before the end of June, unlike when I did the May tag, lol. I really love the ideas that Paulien comes up with for her tags, they really look great when they are all done. So below is my version of her tag. Once again, thank you Paulien for another great tag tutorial!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I just found out that my "Happy Anniversary" card is being published in the June issue of Scrapbook News & Review! This is my third time in this online magazine so I was pretty excited to receive this email. My next goal is to get one of my layouts or cards published in a paper magazine! I guess I just have to keep sending things in and one day maybe!

So did everyone watch the Saturday night play off game between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks? It was a pretty awesome game! We were at a friends place for their annual Spring Fling lawn curling party. They had the TV going so we were all running in and out of the house between our games to see how the hockey game was going. There sure was a lot of happy faces and jumping up and down when Vancouver got that winning goal! So I guess tonight the game is in Boston so I sure hope the Canucks keep this up.
Well I'm off to do some more gardening as summer has finally shown up here on the West Coast and who knows how long it will stay for, lol. Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canucks take the first game!

So this is a first me actually watching a hockey game and caring, lol. I'm not a big hockey fan normally but this is different....the Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup and it is so exciting, even for me! Everyone in BC is Canuck crazy right now, heck everyone in Canada! Everyone has Canuck flags flying from houses and cars and wearing their Canuck jerseys - people even have their babies in Canuck Jerseys, lol. So it was a pretty exciting game,  thought for sure it was going into overtime but thank goodness it didn't, just way to stressful, lol. So 1 game down - 3 more to go. Well most people in Vancouver are hoping that it goes to 5 games that way the Canucks would be winning in their own hometown - but I'm pretty sure that no one would be made if they won it in four games, lol. So on to game two and keeping my fingers crossed.

So I was actually doing something while I was watching the game. When I was checking out Paulien Van Den Bosch's blog the other day looking for her tutorial on the May tag that I posted yesterday I found she had another great tutorial for some handmade flowers using "Baby "Wipes". Yup, you heard right - Baby Wipes. These looked so pretty I just had to try making some.

I started the process of making them the other day. I used my Rangers Ink  color "Stream" to dye my baby wipe, which had to dry overnight. Then yesterday I added the "Gesso" to the one side of the baby wipe and let that dry overnight. So tonight  while watching the game I cut out all my petals and added the puffy paint to them. I didn't make my own stamens as Paulien did in her tutorial because I already had these white ones, you see in the photo, in my stash - so I saved myself a step, lol. I made my petals a couple of different sizes and I think they didn't turn out to bad. You can click on the picture for a larger view. Now I'm going to have to try making them in some different colors. So stop by Paulien's blog here: and try making some yourself. 

So thank you for a great tutorial Paulien and thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Have a great week all!