Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cheque Book

So finally I'm getting around to posting something for May. We were away for a week May 9th on a vacation in Las Vegas so I've been trying to do catch up on everything around home. Apparently I don't have any little fairies taking care of my home for me while I'm away, lol.

I haven't really had any scrapbook mojo happening with me lately, I think my mojo is still in Las Vegas hanging around the pool, lol. Anyway every time I'm paying bills I keep thinking I need to get a new cheque (or "check" for all the Americans) book cover as mine was just falling apart so I thought I should just make my own but of course using paper/card stock would be just to flimsy. Then I had a "TA-DA" moment and remembered I had some resit canvas from Prima that was in the Swirlydoos "Treasured Yesterdays" kit, which would be perfect to use! So I decided to take some pics of the process and do a little tutorial in case anyone else wanted to do this for themselves. So here is the finished project which is of course folded in half with my cheque's and cheque register inside.
So to start out I cut one piece of the resist canvas size 6 3/8" x 6 5/8" and then two pieces size 6 3/8" x 2 3/4".
Next I picked out a couple of colors that I wanted to spray the canvas with, I used Lindy's Stamp gang sprays "Cotton Candy Pink" and "Baby Blue Eyes Aqua". You can use whatever colors you like and spray it as much as you want.
Next take one of the smaller pieces and cut a slit in it at approximately 3½" horizontally centered, approximately 1¼" from the top and 1½" from the bottom. This is where I keep my debit slips until I get  my bank statement and check them all off in my cheque register. I've put a pen through the slit in the picture below just so you could see what I meant.
On the other small piece cut a 5¼" x 2" three sided round cornered rectangle, approximately ½" from the top and ¼" from the bottom as shown below. I've just slipped in a ruler so you could see what I mean't, this would be the area where you would keep your cheques.
Next you would take the two smaller pieces and stitch them to the front piece as shown.
In this next photo I've shown how I've slipped in my cheque register and debit receipt.
The next photo is showing how I've placed the cheque's into the book.
For the front of my cheque book I was going to get all fancy with embellishments then I decided that was probably not a good idea as all the embellishments would get damaged or knocked off from being taken in and out of my purse. So I had this very pretty rose graphic I found on the internet, I'm sorry I can't remember where but if someone knows please let me know so I can give credit to that person. I fussy cut the rose out and used that for the front of my cheque book. I first covered the whole front and back of the cheque book with clear mod podge. Before that was dried I placed my rose graphic where I wanted it and used the mod podge as glue to stick it to the front. I then covered the rose graphic with the clear mod podge. The mod podge acts as a sealant so I can wipe it off if it got dirt or whatever on it. I was quite happy the way it turned out. I hope that this tutorial will help you to realize there are other uses for the resist canvas than just for scrapbooking. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any comments I'd love to hear them. Here's the finished  project again.