Wednesday, June 17, 2020

My New Obsession

I was visiting my daughter back at the beginning of December and she introduced me to the "Cricut Maker" and the "Cricut Easy Press". Of course I knew all about Cricut being a scrapbooker but I hadn't heard about the Cricut Maker. They call the Cricut Maker – the ultimate smart cutting machine. It cuts vinyl, fabrics, leather, paper, and balsa wood.
The things my daughter had been making with vinyl were amazing. From T-shirts, canvas bags,  baby onsies to mugs, and signs. I could cut a lot of the vinyl with my Cricut Expression which I had done years ago to make some vinyl sayings for my walls in my craft room but really had not got into it that much. My Cricut Expression was getting a little old so I thought well maybe I should get the Cricut Maker. So my daughter then showed me that there were different types of vinyl. There was regular vinyl that you used to add onto mugs and signs etc, that type of vinyl was permanent adhesive vinyl and then regular vinyl that you could put on items that you don't want to be permanent such as putting on walls that you may want to take off at some point.  

The other type of vinyl that you could use is "Heat Transfer Vinyl" or "HTV". This type of vinyl you would use for putting on T-shirts and canvas etc. To apply this vinyl you would need a source of heat such as an iron or better yet, the "Cricut Easy Press".>
Cricut has a Heat Transfer Guide that gives you proven time and temperature settings for virtually any project. Just select your base material and your heat-transfer material, and the guide walks you through a perfect application. 

So after seeing how these all worked I thought I have to buy myself these two machines. Well it was December so I was busy Christmas shopping for the family so I wouldn't be able to buy anything like this for myself for some time. That didn't stop me from searching on Amazon and Michael's for the best prices. I did find that Michael's had the best prices. 

So I do all the Christmas shopping for us, so the only gift that my husband has to shop is for me. We all know how much men like to shop so I usually end up getting a gift card or cash. My husband had so much work the past year so we had been able to put big lump sum payments against our mortgage. My Christmas gift from my husband was almost $1,000.00, to say I was excited hardly came close to what I was feeling. On Boxing Day I went online and ordered my Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress! Of course since I ordered these I would have to order myself some of the vinyls to use with the machines, so back on Amazon I go and order myself some vinyl!

Well I've been busy making T-shirts, canvas bags, baby onsies, and mugs. I've been selling a lot of these items on my Etsy Shop "ScrappingPassion" along with different Facebook groups. Here are just some of the items I've been making and selling.

These are just a few of the things I've made with my new Cricut Maker and I'd love to hear your comments on them! stay safe everyone!

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