Sunday, April 12, 2020

New Year New Post...finally!

Wow I haven't posted on my blog since the end of December 2019! Who knew back in December that right now we would be in the middle of a world wide pandemic with "Covid-19". It's a pretty scary world out there right now. I hope that everyone is doing their best to "stay home to stay safe". I feel really bad for all of the people who have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. We are lucky that my husband is a truck driver so he is still able to work and I'm retired now so I have my retirement monies coming in. But there is so many families who don't have that luxury of having monies still coming into the household. It's the small business owners who have had to lay off their workers and may not be able to recover from this and have to close their businesses down that I feel really bad for, so we try to shop and support these businesses. I also hope that the people who can afford it will still be able to help by purchasing from crafters on-line like myself  who don't have the opportunity to go to craft markets that have been shut down because of this pandemic. I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of the nurses/doctors, and first responders who are putting their own health at risk to hep everyone else!

Luckily being a crafter I am able to keep myself occupied doing my scrapbooking/card making. I have also got into making t-shirts and mugs etc which I hope to get listed on my website soon and hope that you will check it out. For now I am just going to post the layouts that I have been making.

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