Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Journal

I decided to finally try Drew's journal that I showed you a picture of last weekend. I didn't have the actual Prima Journal that Drew used but I decided that was okay because I wasn't sure how it would turn out and didn't want to mess up the journal so I picked this book up at the Dollar store. It had hard cardboard covers on the front and back but I decided to add a thicker piece of white mulberry paper that I had as it had so much texture to it. It also just has regular lined paper inside as I want this to be more of a journal to write in rather than an art journal.

I painted the mulberry  paper with gesso first. After that was dry I painted a thick coat of mod podge on the paper so I could use it as the glue base for most of my products I wanted to lay down. I laid down different pieces of lace on the cover, a piece down the left side of the journal and pieces along the bottom. I also used some  embroidery thread laid down in different areas and a piece of burlap on the top right side. I then painted another layer of mod podge over everything and allowed that to dry.

Once that was all dry I used three different glimmer mists on my journal Tattered Angels "Lily Pad" and "Tuscan Sun" and the other one is a small one ounce bottle of glimmer spray called Ditto that I picked up for a $1 at Michaels, it's a really pretty blue shade. I wish I'd picked up a whole bunch of them now, lol. 

When this was dry I laid down my Prima window frame and flowers, layering them slightly over each other running down the middle from the top left to the bottom right. I also added my chipboard letters to the cover.  When this was dry I then panted it with another layer of gesso over everything. After that was all dry I sprayed my glimmer mists again over everything. When that was all dry I dry brushed some white and black acrylic paint over different areas just to help show off the different textures. I just kept doing this layering of paint and glimmer mists until I got the look I wanted. Here are a couple of close ups.

Well I think it turned out not to bad for a first attempt. I'm really liking this working with different mediums so I'm going to have to stock up on some more of these goodies. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


  1. wow lovely cover on your journal :) you have inspired my to try one :) when I get time to :)