Monday, January 31, 2011

The Titanic

Got to do another layout in my nice newly organized scrap room. This is the Titanic exhibit we saw in Las Vegas. We were not allowed to take photo's in the exhibit so I printed these off from the web. The photo of the big huge piece is part of Titanic's hull. This thing was huge, I can't remember the exact weight that this piece was but it was something like 20 tons. They give you a boarding pass each as you go in with a real passengers name on it and a little story of how they came to be on the Titanic. It was so weird going through and seeing all the photos of the people and their stories and pieces of their jewelry, clothing, luggage, and different pieces of the ship, like things from the ballroom, dinner sets - it almost sent shivers up your back. At the end of the exhibit they have plaques with all the peoples names on it, split into Passengers, Staff and Crew, one plaque was survivors and the other was people who died and you can see if the person from your boarding pass survived or not. My DH & I were very happy to find that our two people had survived. TFL

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