Friday, January 28, 2011

Re-arranging my scrap space....

I was very pleased with myself today. I was poking around one of our local thrift stores yesterday and found a great corner desk for my scrapbook room for only $26. It doesn't have any drawers or shelves but that's okay because it's high enough to put some of my stack-able drawers under it. So of course now I had to re-arrange things in my scrap room. So while doing that I have to clean at the same time (I tell you dust can show up in the weirdest places, lol). It's amazing how much crap you collect in a short time. You know, little notes to yourself, little scraps of paper you'll probably never use - some things that you don't even know what the heck they are or even how they got into the room. 

Now I can actually see my scrap table and I'm able to have my sewing machine up on the table all ready to use, instead of having to drag it up off the floor and set it all up. I even have room for if I want to have a friend over to scrap with. I still have lots of things to go through on one side of my room that has my bookshelf and drawers right now. Once I get it all cleaned up and things thrown away that I don't need anymore I'd like to get the room all painted a nice bright blue color and paint my bookshelf white. I did see this great 9 cube shelving unit at Walmart the other day that was only $49 that I'd like to get for more storage. I think I need another ribbon holder as I seem to have collected a lot of ribbon. The ribbon holder I have now my brother-in-law made me after I was telling him about one I'd seen on the internet and it works great. Also I think some peg board painted white would be good for hanging my scissors and tools on. Anyway, here are a couple of photo's I took of my room. TFL and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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