Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 more shopping days.....

So I've been painting our en suite this afternoon. This has only taken since the summer to finally doing this. We had a leak in our shower, that was leaking down into our dining room one floor below. Luckily the back of the shower has a free wall behind it so we were able to cut out the wall and fix the leak. We replaced the back of the wall, but between mudding and sanding we've been on slow mode, lol. We decided since we were going to have to paint the one small wall we fixed we may as well paint the whole thing in a new color, so I picked out a nice light kind of wine color which would pick up the same color in the wallpaper that we have on one wall. I did manage to get two coats of paint on half of it, so I should be able to finish the other half tomorrow. I think it will look nice once it's all done.

I finally finished my friends wedding invitations last night. She was so happy with them, which makes me very happy. I do think that they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, lol. So last night I was actually able to get another layout done. This is my 3 year old great nephew Jackson. My nephew (his Dad) was in the hospital Halloween weekend with a kidney stone and just got out on the Sunday. On the Monday morning his wife noticed that Jackson was kind of stumbling when he walked and wasn't really talking properly so they took him to a walk in clinic, who advised them to take him straight to emergency. Once they got him to emergency they immediately sent by ambulance to Children's Hospital. It turned out that he had had a stroke, I didn't even know a 3 year old could have a stroke. The doctors told them if he even lived through the night that he would be severely brain damaged. Every day he got a bit better, totally amazing the doctors and after about 3 weeks they sent him home and  now you would not even know that he was so sick. The doctors have said he still may have a few learning problems but they won't be able to tell until he is older. Hence, the title "An Early Christmas Miracle".  TFL and have a great day tomorrow!

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