Wednesday, December 8, 2010

17 more days......

Wow hard to belive there is just a little over two weeks until Christmas! I have all of my shopping finished and wrapped -yeah me! Got my tree up and decorated last night. I usually put up my big huge tree in out living room but the kids are not able to make it up here for Christmas this year (so sad :-( ) so I went out and bought a smaller tree this year to put up. It's got the lights already in it which is great as that is the only thing I hate about putting the tree up is putting the lights on it. Since this one is  much smaller I've put it up in our familyroom by our wall unit. It's cute, just a smaller version of our other tree. I've posted some pictures below. The first one is our big tree from last year. The second one is the smaller version I put up last night.

I've been busy making wedding invitations for my friends wedding next September. They have family and friends from New Zealand that they are inviting so she wanted to send those ones out now just to give everyone time to be able to plan if they will be able to come to Canada for the wedding. I really like how they turned out and my friends is so happy with the cards. Here are a couple of samples of the outside and inside of the card. I hope everyone is having a great week, TFL!

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