Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ultimate Design Challenge Week 2

Okay so I didn't get an email from Swirlydoos to say I was eliminated in round 1 so I got to enter the Week 2 challenge.

If you were eliminated in round 1, you would have received an email early this morning. If you did not enter round one you have been eliminated. If you entered round one and did not receive an email early this morning then you are IN IT TO WIN IT! GOOD LUCK!

Your SECOND challenge is issued by Swirlydoos Designer Rachel Moses and the challenge is:
"To create a scrapbook page or card using the PAPER LAYERING techniques shown in Rae's video  below"

Here, Rae shows us an example of a layout she completed using multiple paper layers and distressing techniques. You may follow along and create something along these lines, or feel free use your own creative license to show us what amazing paper layering concepts you have hiding within your self!
So below is my layout for week 2. I think I have about 10 layers here (unless you count the photos, then it's 12). These are photos of my grandchildren one taken  in 2006 and the other taken this past November. I'm feeling really old all of a sudden, lol. I used the papers from the Swirlydoos "Belle Chanson" kit. I love the teal color in this kit. Krissy just coordinates these kits so well! 

I  just realized after I had finished my layout that I had given it the same title as I had on the layout I did of my son (their Dad) and his cousin. Oh well, that's okay, lol.  

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