Monday, July 23, 2012

Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial

This tutorial has been inspired by some of the many other flower tutorials that I have seen on the internet, this one is just my way of doing this flower. 
Supplies needed:
Needle & thread
Self adhesive flat back pearls
7” of 1 inch wide satin ribbon
7” of ½ inch wide satin ribbon
Take your 1” wide ribbon and fold it in half and stitch the ends together. I know some people like to stitch the ends together after each flower layer is gathered and tied but I find it easier to do it at the beginning. Also some satin ribbons have one side that is quite smooth and shiny and the other is more of a flat/non-shiny finish (as mine is here). If that is the case fold the ribbon in half with the shiny sides together.
 Now take your thread and knot one end of it and do a slip stitch all the way around one edge, being careful to leave a couples of inches of thread hanging from where you started your stitching. 

 Once this is done you can then take the two threads from either end and pull together to gather the ribbon and tie the threads together. I like to tie/knot the two threads 3 times just to make sure it won’t come apart. Now you can just sort of play with the ribbon to get the gathers the way you like it.

 Repeat this same stitching process to the ½” wide ribbon, pull to gather and tie the tie ends as done previously. You’ll notice that the thinner ribbon is a lot more gathered than the 1” ribbon. If you would like more gathers in the 1” ribbon you can add and extra inch or two in length to the 1” ribbon. The wider the ribbon the more length you will need if you like lots of gathers. I just happen to like mine to be less gathered on the bottom. Remember it’s your flower so you can do which ever way you like!

 Now you can glue the two layers together and add your pearl center and viola – you have a simple and pretty flower to add to your layouts or cards! You can also use a brad or whatever type of bling you’d like for your center.

I hope you'll give this tutorial a try. If you have any comments I'd love to hear them and if you have any question you can email me at TFL!


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