Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back home....finally!

Well I've actually been back for two weeks but I just finally managed to get in some free time to update my blog. Babysitting all of my daughters pets while she was away went pretty good. At least I managed to get in some exercise since I had to walk the dogs every day, lol. Now that I'm home I figured I'd start doing my beach walks again, since I had got use to walking everyday with the dogs, This way I can start losing some of this weight I'd put on since I quit smoking at the end of January. So far I've managed to lose 7 of the 13 lbs I've put on - Yeah!

This past Saturday we had a big BBQ for my dh's birthday which was on Sunday. It was a great time as we cooked a big huge Bison roast. I'd never had Bison before and boy was it yummy! One of our friends is the chef at our local pub around the corner from us and he made up his own yummy marinade  for the Bison and then he also brought over this super delicious Brandy Peppercorn sauce to have with it - did I say this was yummy? Very yummy! I thought I'd share a picture I took of the BBQ with you just below. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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