Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beginning a new month

Well as it says it's a new month - the 1st of May and the weather is finally starting to feel like spring. Mind you it's suppose to rain again tomorrow - it's like the weather Gods are just trying to tease us by giving us a few sunny days, then turn around and it's icky again. It just doesn't feel like a normal spring with all this cool weather. I even heard on the news that in the Prairies they had like 50 cms of snow last night - that's crazy. Oh well, not much we can do about it. I guess if the weather is going to be icky it's a good excuse to stay in and scrap, lol.

This is my latest project.  I bought this Tim Holtz configurations box on eBay and was playing with it all last weekend adding things to it that either have a meaning to me or I just thought looked cool, lol. Hanging on the top right are my Dad's Canadian Air Force dog tags (not sure what the little key was for but when I found these amongst my Dad's things it was on the chain too). In the top box on the right is a watch that my Dad gave my Mum when they got engaged (she always told us that she needed a watch more than an engagement ring so that is what she asked Dad to give her instead). Beside that box is a (real) dog tag from our dog Jo-Jo that we had as kids and in the box is an old dog ornament I found at an antique store. The clock face and game spinner is from Tim Holtz. The next box has a tiny vintage container of cuticle ointment, an old copper ring that I had and you can't see the thimble very well in this photo but I've attached a tiny angel on a unicorn pin that my favorite cousin gave me a number of years ago. The box below that has a little miniature wash tub and wash board that I found at a thrift store. To the right of that is a little wooden carving of seagulls sitting on log/poles that had been attached to a birdhouse my friends Mum gave me that got blown down in a wind storm and broken but I managed to salvage this little piece off of it and a little shell from the beach. Next one to the right has a tiny antique bottle that I put some beads into and my cancer pin. The next one is just a little bird I had so I got some dried grass and moss from the garden and made a little nest for him to sit in. The section below that is a cool little antique shoe ornament I found at a thrift store and a very old photo of my family taken when I was about 13 months old and one of my Dads service pins from the air force. To the left of that is a bobbin from my old sewing machine and a pin i had, behind the gold pin is another pin that I had from doing one of the MS Walks to raise money. Right below that is a really old pack of stick matches I found at the antique store. The brass key is from Tim Holtz. The bottom box on the left has another bobbin from my old sewing machine, another o f my old thimbles and a real of lace from my stash. Next box a miniature metal paddle wheeler I found at the thrift store and next to that a miniature metal water jug and of course the legs are from Tim Holtz. Anyways I'm happy with how it turned out, not as good as some of the ones of seen other people do but still not bad, lol.  You can click on the picture below to see a bigger view of the box.
 If you have any comments I'd love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget if you're Canadian remember to vote tomorrow in our Federal election! Have a great week!

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