Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo's of myself....

I don't know about the rest of you scrappers but I am always the one taking the photo's, very rare that I'm actually in the photo's. I noticed the same thing when we got our video camera years ago. I had tons of videos of the kids and family gatherings etc but none of them had me in them, just my voice. 

I've never considered myself very photogenic, so I always hate having my picture taken, but since starting to scrapbook I've realized that I really need to force myself to let people take my picture. So when I'm no longer on this earth and my family goes through all of the scrapbooks, not only can they read all my thoughts on their photo's and what was going  on but they will actually be able to see photo's of me too. It would kind of defeat the purpose of doing my scrapbooks for my family if they didn't include all of the family  in them. This is a lot easier since the invention of the digital camera and timers. I can actually play around taking photo's of myself until I finally get a decent one and then erase all the others, which believe me are a lot of terrible pictures, lol.

So along these lines we had a challenge over at My Creative Scrapbook to "Scrap the Scrapper". Since I had already used one of the few photo's of myself that I liked when I did my scrap page celebrating my 12 years of being caner free. So, now what to do? I finally remembered I had one other photo of myself that my husband had taken about seven years ago (see that shows you how often I let people take my photo, lol) that I actually liked. Now the big problem, I had to search through all of my CD's with my photo's on them to see if I could find it. Well it took me a while but I did finally find it, thank goodness. So the layout below is what I came up with for the challenge, using this photo. *Note to self - take some more up to date photo's of myself. 

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  1. Boy did you ever hit the nail on the head - "..would kinda defeat the purpose of doing my scrapbooks for the family.."

    I'm with ya girl! I need to do the same thing. I am always embarrassed about my weight, so am always telling people to take pics from the neck up ONLY! LOL. And the last few years I've developed this wonderful "buck tooth" - my front tooth has moved wayyyyyyyyyy outside of where it should be. So now I hate smiling for the camera! Well, you've inspired me once again - I'll be participating in this challenge (if I still have time, gotta go check). Thanks Steph! Renee