Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Being having a big relapse with my MS since the attack in June. I was good for about a week after that and then the following week I started having smaller attacks during the day and then on July 2nd I started to feel all light headed, as if I had one to many drinks or something and then I couldn't think of words I was trying to say and was having a difficult time talking. I ended up spending about 4 hours in emergency as they though I was having a stroke. All the test came back fine and by the time they got the reslts to me I was talking all normal again, and just felt really weak so they decided I should see my Neurologist at the MS Clinic. On Saturday July 3rd it happened again in the late afternoon and I was talking all stupid again and couldn't talk well, everyone thought I had been drinking that one lasted quite long into the evening so I ended up flying out on Monday, July 5th to Vancouver. Turns out after seeing my Neurologist that my MS was attacking my brain stem which is why I looked and acted like I was having a stroke. Now it is just a wait and see thing and hopefully it will clear up on it's own. Otherwise they will have to give me a round of intravenous steroids to help clear up all the inflammation in my spinal cord that attacks everything.

I seem to be not doing to bad the last couple of days, at least my head has felt clearer which is good as that part was really hard to deal with. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I have managed to do a couple of scrap pages through out all of this so I hope to get those posted but I seem to be having a problem with my blog and doing new posts which I hope gets fixed soon. Take care all!

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