Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well I'm so happy to be home again and can sleep in my own cozy bed. I had a great time on the mainland with my kids and grand children. My grand daughters birthday party/sleep over was fun for the girls - I don't know where these 11 year olds get all their energy from but I'd sure like to bottle it and use it when I needed it!

My daughters surprise party was great she didn't suspect a thing and when she walked in the door from work at 9:30 expecting just to relax and watch movies with her boyfriend she was very surprised to find all of her friends yelling surprise and tooting horns. They even had party hats on the dogs - very funny pictures! So I have lots of pictures to print out and scrapbook - it should keep me busy for quite awhile.

I'm off to relax and get ready to sit down and watch "Brothers & Sisters" on the TV - suppose to be a 2 hour show tonight. I hope everyone had a great weekend and are rested up for a new work week!

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