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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Kit up on Scrappers Heaven

I'm actually speedier than I thought I'd be, I actually managed to get the "Blue Christmas Kit" up onto my website today. You can find it along with all of the other kits here: http://www.scrappers-heaven.com/digital.html

It finally stopped snowing last night and turned to rain so the roads are pretty sloppy but at least they're drivable. Except of course if you're one of those idiots with a 4 wheel vehicle that think they're invincible and drive a million miles an hour even if the roads are not great. We seem to have a lot of those people up our way, lol. There is so much snow I think it will take awhile for it to disappear. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't snow anymore.

I hope everyone is enjoying a quiet relaxing weekend before the next round of parties start. I love this time of the year having people stop in and visit and go to parties but by the time New Years rolls around I'm ready for peace and quiet. :-)

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