Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Snow

Well here's my first actual posting on my blog. It seems that for once we may actually have a white Christmas here in Campbell River. We got about 8 inches the other day and then last night it snowed again but only about an inch or two, thank goodness. For some reason the poor people further south here on Vancouver Island got about 2 feet the other day and they are expected after today they will have another foot of snow. I don't know why we're not getting as much since we're further north but I'm thanking the "Snow Gods" as I was getting tired of shoveling the driveway, lol. It's still really cold here so this snow won't be going anywhere for quite awhile. If you could see me all bundled up in my cozy blanket typing away here on the computer you'd get a good laugh. :-) I thought I'd post a few of my Christmas cards that I made the other day for you all to see. It's a bit late for selling them on eBay so I'm just posting them to my website so people can stock up for next year. If you'd like to see the rest of them you can check them out here: I saw this little fellow on a stamp and thought I'd try and draw him myself on the computer, I think he turned out pretty cute.

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