Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meeting Friends

Every year in May I have to go down to the mainland (Vancouver, BC, Canada) to see my neurologist at the MS Clinic for my yearly check up. I was the supervisor of the accounts payable department for a multi national chemical company in Richmond (suburb of Vancouver, BC) and I've been on disability from work with my MS since June 1997. When we still lived on the mainland I was able to get together with all the girls from work quite often. Since we moved to Vancouver Island 10 years ago I really don't see any of them. So last year we all got together for lunch while I was down, we had such a great visit. All of us but one girl are retired now so it was great to see them all and get caught up on all the news. I am headed down to the mainland this week so we are all getting together for lunch again, a couple of other girls we worked with are going to be coming along too so it should be a good time. Anyways, here is a layout I did of the lunch we had last year, as you can see I'm getting a little bit braver doing my drips. Click on the layout to see a larger view.

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