Monday, September 2, 2013

Sketch Challenge

Well I don't know where the rest of August went to so fast. All the poor kids will be whining that it went by to fast too since they all go back to school tomorrow. But there will probably be a lot of Moms doing a happy dance, lol!

Enough about that. Here is my latest creation which I did for the Swirlydoos Sketch Challenge for August. These are my grandchildren taken when they were up visiting back in July. This actually shows why you shouldn't throw away all of your smaller scraps of paper. Other than the background piece of paper all of the other bits are scraps, even the pretty teal trim down the right side of the paper, the trim wasn't long enough to go down the whole side of the photo but that was okay because the flowers cover it up and then no one is the wiser, lol!
Here's the sketch, and you can find the challenge here
 Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Your items are beautiful,I am trying to find paper, stickers anything for billards or shooting pool. can you help?
    Keep Scrapping