Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rosebud Tutorial

I've had a number of people comment on my rosebuds that I use in many of my layouts, so I thought I would do a tutorial on how I make mine. This tutorial was inspired by Gabrielle Pollacco's water distressed flower tutorial which you can find here: Water Distressed Flowers. This is basically the same as what Gabrielle does for the center of her flowers but I do not do any water distressing. I do not claim this as my original tutorial, it is just my way of making the rosebuds. Here is what the rosebud will look like:
 To make this rosebud you will require a small 5 petal flower punch as shown below. I bought this one at my local Walmart which I think cost me about $3.99. The flower it punches is just a little over a ½" in size. For each bud you will need to punch out 4 flowers.
Using a stylus and a push pad take three of the small flowers and push down into the center of each flower to push the petals up as shown in the photos below. For the forth flower take it and fold the flower in half and keep doing this until you have something similar to the photo.
Now you can glue your flowers on top of one another, off setting the petals slightly on each layer as shown.
You should end up with your rosebud looking something like mine below.
I find these little rosebuds are great to pop into small areas of your flower clusters, or any other area you just need something small. If you're anything like me I hate throwing smaller pieces of cardstock away and these are perfect way to use them up!

I'd like to thank Gabi for the inspiration for this tutorial and I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great week!

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  1. these are lovely and are so easy!!! thanks for sharing!!!