Thursday, August 4, 2011


Summer has arrived here on the West Coast of BC - it's about time! It was a gorgeous day today so the grand kids and I hopped in the car and drove down to Courtney (about 40 klms away) to fill my truck up with cheap gas. Thanks to a new Costco with a gas station opening up in Courtney there is a big price war going on with the gas stations. Managed to get gas at 99¢ instead of $1.26 a liter. It was worth the drive, it only cost me just under $60 to fill up instead of $100 - works for me!

After we did that we stopped on the way home at the Pitch & Putt and had a round of golf with the kids. My grand daughter was the grand champion, even getting 3 hole in ones - me, well I didn't do so great, lol. The weather was nice and sunny so we soaked up some good old vitamin D.

Last night I managed to get some of the photos that I've been taking of the kids while they've been here scrapped. Every year during the July 1st (Canada Day) celebrations here in Campbell River there is a big "Shoreline Arts Carving Contest". There are all different classes from Novice to Expert. All the contestants get a log to carve, which they start carving out using a chain saw and then end up with smaller tools for the fine details. Let me tell you over the years that I have lived here I have seen some awesome work by these people! The carvers are all sponsored by a business in town and after the competition the business gets to have the beautiful carving outside the doors of the business. These ones in these photos  are a few of the carvings from the Novice class that were still down at the shoreline.

Well the weather is suppose to be absolutely gorgeous for the next week or so - suppose to be up to 27 Celsius every day, so I think we'll be spending a lot of time at the beach. I  hope everyone has been having a great week and TFL! 

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I was just checking on some of my ladies I follow and you were on my list next... hope you are having a good summer and love the latest layout, looks like it would take a lot of practice and talent for those carvings!