Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apologies to all!

As a Canadian and a former Vancouver person I can not believe how embarrassed I am over the riot in Vancouver last night after the Stanley Cup hockey game. Watching what unfolded on the TV last night after the game just seems so surreal. I felt like I did watching the news of the Twin Towers being hit - I could not believe it. Everyone we know and people we don't  know are so shocked over this and are so totally pissed  off (pardon my language here) at the people who went into Downtown Vancouver last night to purposely start these riots. 

These were not "Hockey Fans" nor were they regular Vancouver citizens! We are all disgusted at these people and we all want them caught and brought to justice over this. To these few people who started this - You have put a black mark on Vancouver that the world will not easily forget and if you think any of us are proud of you for this, think again! With all of the street camera's, news camera's and regular everyday people with their cell phone camera's getting shots of all of you idiots, you'll be caught. People have already put up Facebook pages, websites so we can post your photos for the police and anyone who recognizes anyone in these photos are coming forward to the police and giving them your names.

It would not have mattered if the Canucks had won the Stanley Cup, these riots would have started anyway. Police found people who had come into Downtown Vancouver with Molotov cocktails in there back packs. Normal people do not carry something like this to a huge gathering of people unless they planned on starting something. Watching you idiots on the TV smiling and laughing and acting so proud of yourselves for what was happening made me sick and embarrassed. So lets see how much you laugh and smile when the police come knocking at your door. Yea you are real heroes - NOT!

To the rest of Canada and the world we apologize to everyone for what they witnessed last night and want them to know that is not what the real Vancouver and it's citizens are about!   

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