Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a great day yesterday!

Well the good news fairies must have been shining down on me yesterday. After getting my exciting email from the magazine in the morning I decided to go poking around our local thrift/antique shops in town. I was so happy I found this really cool bird cage (not antique, more of a decorative one) that I can alter and decorate. Also found some cool little things that I can use in one of those Tim Holtz configuration boxes that I want to do and also a really old camera from about 1940 or so to just have in my scrap room for decoration. I was so happy coming in the house with all my little treasures I found and walked into my kitchen and found this beautiful bouquet of roses from my DH. He must have popped in for a quick sandwich between deliveries. Such a nice surprise - I love things like this that are just for no reason, that are just because. Anyway thought I would show them off to you. 

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