Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slow mode

Had a little bit of a scare on Sunday night with my MS. It started acting up in the evening after working on a scrap page. I decided to go off to bed and then woke about about a half hour later being unable to move my legs at all and the top half of my body wasn't working to well either and hands hardly moved and then had vertigo on top of all of this. I've been very lucky with my MS over the years that it has been very slow progressing and this was the first time I have had so many things shut down at the same time. It was a bit scary. I did finally manage to get back to sleep about 5am and by the time my DH got up for work most of it returned to normal. So I was moving pretty slow yesterday and slept most of the day. Today I am so much better and am breathing a sigh of relief that it was almost back to normal. Or as normal as I can be, lol.

I did manage to get a couple of scrap pages done since the last post. The first one here is my daughters silly dog wanting the rabbit to play with him while he was in his outdoor pen. We had a challenge at MCS to use our handmade flowers on a page so this was my entry. I made all of the flowers except for the one just under the "Y" which is of course a Prima flower.

This next one was for a color challenge at MCS. We had to use rust, blue, yellow/gold and white. I don't have to much white in the layout but there is some. My son coaches my grandson's baseball team and they won their tournament that they had on Fathers Day weekend. My granddson was so excited to phone me and tell me this. Way to go Scott!

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