Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy day

Well I've had a busy day today. I actually managed to get my butt in gear fairly early and went and got a few groceries to make sure my other half didn't starve while I was gone. Came home and answered a few emails and put a few items up for sale on eBay and got a few other orders ready for mailing. Cleaned my whole house (don't know why I bother as it will be a disaster by the time I get home) - not sure how 1 man and 3 cats can make a kitchen look like a hurricane hit it, lol. Got my car all washed and cleaned out, checked my oil etc for the trip tomorrow. I then went off to the plant store to get a few more plants for my pots and came home and got them all planted and watered all the others so they will still be alive when I get home on Tuesday. Even managed to get all packed except for those last minute things, so I'm already to go bright and chipper in the morning. I'm thinking I'm way to organized so something is bound to go wrong. Hmmm...better stop thinking like that.

I'm off to go and relax now. Hope everyone has a great evening!

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