Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tim Holtz Clock

Wow, where as the time gone, it's already the 24th of July? Well I've been busy with my grand kids since the 12th of July. They're up early this year to visit as their Mom is expecting a new baby boy in August so they wanted to make sure they are home for the birth. We have been doing lots of crafting as they wanted to make some goodies for the baby. 

Well I've been seeing all of these gorgeous Tim Holtz altered clocks so I decided to do one myself. I first took the back off of the clock and cut a circle to put on to the inside part using the Websters Secret Garden "Coming Up Roses" paper. I then took some gesso and covered the whole clock (except the inside) with it and let that dry.  After the gesso dried I took some molding paste and mixed a couple of drops of Rangers alcohol ink "Stream" to it to give me a light turquoise blue color which I then added to the clock in a sort of random gloppy (Is that a word, lol) style. While it was style wet I tore small pieces of the "Coming up Ross" paper and stuck them down in different areas of the clock and then used a brush to add bits of the molding paste to the edges of the paper to lend it in with the molding paste.

While all that was drying I took the back piece of the clock and added a couple of Tim Holtz game spinners to the center of the clock to act as clock hands. I also added a black rub on that spelt "Love" at the top of the back in between the two clock hands. It's a bit hard to see in the photo but looks good IRL. When the molding paste on the clock was dried I took a Prima vine and added that to the front of the inside of the clock in a circle shape. I took a long thin strip of cheesecloth and placed it in the bottom of the inside of the clock and tucked a couple of small blue and peach colored flowers in front of that against the glass. 

For my photo, my Mum & Dad from 1967 back in Windsor, Ontario at my Nana's, I used a small Prima clock to frame the photo. To the back of the clock I added a pair of Tim Holtz wings which I covered in gesso and rock candy crackle paint. I then glued that to the side of the clock. I die cut some leaves and tucked them in between my flower cluster on the side of the clock. To finish the clock off I made the banner which says "Back in Time - A Love Story" a tribute to my parents, I've never known anyone more in love than these two! Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you like my clock. 


  1. wonderful project, love all the clusters of flowers :)

  2. This is gorgeous Stephanie.....hey you won the set of my dies!