Friday, March 9, 2012

Update on Ribbom Carousel prize

So I'm on Facebook yesterday just reading through all the posts of friends and I come across Canadian Scrapboooker's post and they were announcing the winners for the contest that I posted about the other day. So there I am reading and lo and behold there's my name! To say I was surprised was an understatement - I mean I never win anything and this was my second time of winning something in less than week. I didn't win the top prize of this ribbon rack but I did receive a years free subscription to Canadian Scrapbooker - which is awesome! So thank you Canadian Scrapbooker mag!

Last week I joined UStream video so I could watch the Prima show every Thursday and join in on the chat as the demonstration was going on. Apparently at the end of each show/class they give away a prize (no idea what the prize is) and guess what...I was the name chosen! So that was my first win and the free subscription was my second. So you know how they always say things happen in three's? I figured I should go buy a lottery ticket, so that's just what I did. ;-)  Well when I was at the grocery store this morning I figured I'd check my ticket for the 649 lotto draw last night. Okay all of a sudden I hear the music from the machine that comes on when there's a winning ticket - so I won...a big $10, lol. I should have specified to the Loto God's that I wanted to win the big one - oh well at least I won something and I still have another ticket for tomorrow's Loto Max which I believe is up to $40 Million.

Well I best get off to bed now, I just had to share the news. I've got some new layouts that I did to post ere so I'll try and get that done tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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