Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few of the layouts I've been working on...

So I managed to get a couple more old photos  done for my Heritage album I'm working on for my kids. This first one is a photo I found that my Mum must have given to my Dad when he left to go back to Canada and she had to wait for all her paper work to go through before she could follow him. You can't see it in the photo but just at the bottom corner by the pink bow it says "To Smokey, All My Love, Olive". Smokey was my Dad's nickname he got in the Air Force and it stuck with him through life. The only people who called him John was his parents and brothers and sisters. You'll be able to see why he was given the nickname in the layout below of my Dad (on the left) and his buddy from the Air Force.

 These next few layouts were made with the March Limited Edition Kit from My Creative Scrapbook. It's funny as these papers from Websters would not have been papers that I would have picked out myself to buy but after seeing what the Design Team came up with I'm thinking a little differently now. You can have a lot of fun using these papers for different projects and having your titles do a little bit of a play on words - such as the first one saying "Preserving History" and you have all of these fruit preserves etc as your embellishments. This is a photo of myself at 13 months old - boy was that a looonnnggg time ago - you almost expect to see dinosaurs in the photos, LOL.
This next layout is my son and his Dad, using some more of these Websters papers - see you really can use these for so many different types of layouts. For this butterfly sticker from the kit I put it on clear acetate and then cut around it and folded it up and just used a pop dot down the center to stick it to the paper, so now you can have his wings popping off the paper. I started to do the little butterfly trail with just a fine tip pen but then I decided to stitch it instead - unfortunately you can still see a bit of my pen marks but what can you do, lol.
On the layout below I did a little bit of play on words for the title again. This is my Grandson (my son's boy) and my daughter at a hockey skills competition for the major league hockey players. I did a bit of fussy cutting from an identical piece of this Websters paper for the top right and bottom left of the paper and popped it up with foam pop dots to give a 3D look to it. Well thanks for stopping by and having a peek at my layouts. I'd love to hear any comments you have - good or bad.

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