Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been MIA for a bit...

Got a phone call from my daughter last week, she wasn't feeling well and wanted me to come over to the mainland for her. So I'm still here, I haven't been doing much for her, I think it was just a "I'm sick and want my Mum" thing. It's always nice to know your babies still need you, even if they are grown up (well she's still only 19 but a grownup just the same).

Unfortunately last Saturday morning my DH phoned and he had just received a phone call from one of our friends here on the mainland about another of his very good friends had passed away that morning. Such sad news, as this friend was one of my DH's best friends since elementary school. He had been fighting cancer for the past 2 years and we all thought he was doing really well but apparently he had learned just before Christmas that the cancer had returned and they only gave him a few more months. No one new about this and so we were all quite shaken when we heard he had passed away. Apparently he was taken into emergency during the middle of the night as he was having problems breathing and passed away by 9:30 am.

This man was one of the nicest and most fun loving people you could ever meet. His family was the most important thing to him and he loved his music. He and his wife married very young and have two beautiful grown children in their early 20's. Dave was only 45 and I just can't even imagine what his wife Barb and the kids are going through right now. When things like this happen it sure does make you realize what is important in your life. My DH is flying in on Friday morning so we can go to the service for our friend and then we will drive home together.

I can never understand why it is that there are so many terrible people in this world and nothing bad ever happens to them. Then there is this beautiful, loving person that everyone admires and loves and would never do anything even remotely bad and has everything to live for and they are taken from us far to soon. I've decided it is because God wants to surround himself with nice, caring, loving people not the horrible ones. So I believe that saying that "Only the Good die Young". So thank you for listening to me and to our friend....

Dave, I feel privileged that I got to know you and am able to call you my friend. You will forever be remembered for your fun loving spirit and your love for your family and your love of music. I know you are up there now watching the greatest concert ever with those rock legends who have passed before you. You are a wonderful person and this world is a better place for having you in it and you will be loved and missed by everyone who has known you! R.I.P. Dave, we love you!!  

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